A Message from the Senior Minister

Welcome! If you are like I am, you prefer to look before you leap into things! We truly hope that we will become a wonderful church family for you, but we know that not every church is the right fit for everyone. So take some time to explore this website, and let us know what you think. And as you explore this website, imagine yourself visiting First Christian Church on a Sunday morning. I know that a first time visit can be scary; but it just might be the best decision you ever make! Although I can’t tell you exactly what your experience will be, I can promise you this:


• You will be warmly greeted, but you won’t feel like you are being “put on the spot.”

• You won’t hear preaching that is harsh or judgmental. The overarching message you will hear is, “God loves you as you are, and there is nothing you can do about it.”

• You won’t be asked to check your mind at the door. God gave it to you. Use it to ask questions and ponder possibilities.

• Something you experience will touch your heart—if you let it. It might be a word, a prayer, a scripture passage, music, or a sense of peace that comes from simply sitting in the sacred space of the sanctuary.

• You will be invited to share in the Lord’s Supper (Holy Communion), where all are welcome. And all means all.


Whether you grew up going to church every Sunday, or you are coming back to church after years of being away, or you have never attended church, know that others at First Christian Church have been on similar paths. We don’t all approach life and faith in the same way, but at First Christian Church we do our best to welcome one another in the same way that God has graciously welcomed each of us. And we look forward to welcoming you!


I encourage you to visit at least four times before making a decision about whether or not to “plunge” deeper into the life and ministries of First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). You’ll be glad you did!




Rev. Peter

What is a typical service like?


What kind of music do you sing/play?

We begin with a song and friendly gathering time, followed by a call to worship and opening song. Then we move on to a children’s message, followed by a season of prayer. Now comes the scripture-based portion of the service, which includes, scripture reading, a thoughtful musical selection, and a sermon. After that we celebrate the Lord’s Supper each week with a communion service, and yes, you are invited to participate. We close by collecting the offering, singing a final song, and a benediction.

Our musical style is blended. About  two-thirds of our songs are traditional hymns, but you will also sing a good selection of contemporary Christian music as well. Our music is usually accompanied by piano and perhaps organ. About every 4-6 weeks we will have a contemporary praise band Sunday, with guitars, bass, drums, and multiple singers.

How do you celebrate communion?

The most notable attribute of our denomination is that we offer communion every week, and we welcome ALL to share in the Lord’s Supper with us, regardless of religious background or membership status. Communion is typically distributed to the congregation while they are seated. Our deacons stop by each row and pass the bread and wine (grape juice) down the row. After taking a piece of bread a cup of juice, we all hold them and wait to take them together.

What should I wear to church?

Whatever makes you feel most comfortable! We have members who wear a dress or a suit and tie every week. Others feel more comfortable wearing “business casual,” while others prefer to dress casually in jeans or shorts. If you’re comfortable in what you decide to wear, you’ll fit right in at FCC.

What does FCC offer for my children during worship?

Childcare for small children and infants is available in the nursery. Each week we offer a children’s message near the beginning of the service. After this, children are invited to go upstairs for their own worship time. Children are always welcome to remain in the Sanctuary for our main worship service.


To the parents of young children:


Relax!  God put the wiggle in children; don't feel you have to supress those wiggles in God's house.


Consider sitting toward the front where it is easier for your little ones to engage.


Quietly explain the parts of the service and actions of the pastors, musicians, and leaders.


Sing the hymns, pray and voice the responses. Children learn behavior by mimicking you.


If you have to leave the Sanctuary with your child, feel free to do so, but please come back.  As Jesus said, "Let the children come to me."

Where can I park?

Our main parking lot is at the corner of 3rd and Broadway. There is also a parking lot behind the church on 4th Street between Busseron and Broadway. You may also park on the street, or in the parking lot across the street from the post office. Parking spaces on the street directly in front of the sanctuary are reserved for the handicapped.  

We worship Sunday mornings at 10:00 am. Our worship blends old and new in a casual, thoughtful, relaxed rather than ritual-driven time with God. We always celebrate the Lord’s Supper, and all are invited to participate. We also have a staffed nursery and a Children’s Church experience for the little ones.


319 Broadway St

Vincennes, IN 47591


(812) 882-2977 


PO BOX 978

Vincennes, IN 47591



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